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The Fate That Wind Brought

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The Fate That Wind Brought
Limited Edition
limited to 30 prints
12" X 16"
signed & numbered

Original is 12" X 16" painted using oil, wax, acrylic, paper & copper collage

Institutionalized, maniacal debutants,
Felt-heart men in bandages, as if they,
were mummified, frozen in time, like
a bloody mammoth, killed in a heated battle
with his mate.
Whores, money, apples & the bible, cursed.
banana colored monk suits, walking by,
looking the same as one another.
Engaging thoughts & earache music
heart-sized dinners from the god grown,
hog & cow,
no bunnies tempt me
with their lucky feet,
they weren't so lucky
if they have,
a missing foot.
Erin M. McFarland