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Writing, prose and quotes from anonomous friends....

     and other  unpublished work worth reading

  • I have heard, some incidents, and fusion, are among the missing.
  • I know now who had really gone, into the cave,
  • Singing praises and dancing jigs like the unknown Mormons.
  • Staying longer than their welcome,
  • Longer than the earth has existed.
  • Stranger than you really feel, stranger than my story.
  • Xanax, by chance, fell from the mothers sky,
  • Captivating darkness inside the hole
  • Ephadrine, perhaps, but not knowing why,
  • Officially left behind, not only by a fole
  • Mean spirited wealthy observers,
  • bee stings and creams to hold back the tears, from pain,
  • Meant to me, bothersome minds and cluster fucks.


You wouldn't believe the shit I have bellowing in my headphones at the moment. "The dragonfly" by Clutch. It has created this incredible space in my head... I have the answers to the universe contained in the back somewhere after listening to it, right next to Jimi Hendrix..Are You Experienced and giving head to a guitarist whilst he was playing...a little to the left of Steven Hawking and Voltaire... and a little to the right of Warhol and HR Giger.....but I do not have the education to translate it for you. Sorry.

Where are the people that would pay me to have insight? I spend so much time on it that I do believe that I should be compensated. Or maybe, just maybe, NOW that I have heard God speak through his children for the umpteenth time, I am wondering if anyone else is listening because it's ooh so pure and good and beautiful it should be shared. Eyes to see an old Chevy in the grass as a stalking cat.

Anger is a gift.

If everyone could see that commerciality is killing our insight, it would go away, and stop getting in my way. Let's bump pop again. I hate it. I hate coke and pepsi, I hate fabric softener, and other products that make me sneeze, I hate numetal, most religious groups, denial of science and I hate stupidity, and the politicians that stupidity has voted into office. Hate driven change could work don't you think? We couldn't start a movement! Well maybe not, because eventually some really stupid people would latch on and not properly get it, and I don't want that responsibility.

Intelligent anger is a gift.


"If I am on my death bed, and I do not recieve the answers to the universe, I will most certainly feel sorely ripped off."

Suffocation from a past regret, must move to an undisclosed location that may house my dispair from the unity. Do not wish for them to see me inside and out, back and forward. My anus is sacred to the God of Me.

Take away anything that you wish, just leave me my cloths, and some dignity. Please wish the Mother a good wish while you pass her on the escalater, but do not disturb her busy thoughts of the shoes and plastic utensils she was to pick up on her way home. Those are the only pleasures the Mother allows herself. She may glitch if you made her think too much.