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Dogs of War

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Dogs of War
Limited Edition
approx. 13" X 17"
edition of 30 prints
signed & numbered

Original is 24" X 36" X 2" painted with oil & acrylic on canvas
contact the artist directly for purchase of showing of original work

York Street Gallery
June 2002
Kennebunk, Maine
                  "McFarland's work is some of the most original, unsettling, thought-provoking art seen around here in years."                               
                   "Dogs of War develops the same theme (as painting 'Guardians of Suffering') in an even more horrifying manner.  Two canines that look like a breed that should be illegal to own, turn their heads over their shoulders and stare straight at the viewer.  Their eyes have no pupils, as though war and death do not recognize the individuality of their victims.  In the background, far off on the horizon, more dogs stand, as if confident that whatever peace exists in their domain will be ending soon.  The fate of men that McFarland envisions is depicted in the foreground by shreds of humanity hanging out of the dogs' mouths."
reviewer - M.B. from Making it Home, Artist & Writers Page   Kennebunk ME